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Paritys Microsoft Centre of Excellence

Paritys Microsoft Centre of Excellence set to deliver 1.4m contract
Businesses in Northern Ireland can now do even more to support their local economy by sourcing their IT solutions from within the Province, according to Alwyn Welch, CEO at Parity Group plc. His remarks came as Parity officially opened its Microsoft Centre of Excellence, which is set to help with the delivery of a new 1.4m contract with a major public sector healthcare body.Parity Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, will develop this innovative new system with highly intelligent search capability, to enable call centre staff to provide information to the public more efficiently, retrieving accurate information in a much more timely manner.
Invest NI has committed 630,000 to the new Microsoft Centre of Excellence, which will create up to 94 new jobs over three years. The first tranche of new staff has now been filled, with one new recruit even returning from Turkey to work in Belfast.
The new Centre of Excellence is based at Dargan Road in Belfast, building on Paritys established and market-leading talent management centre. Alwyn Welch, comments: We are recruiting and developing highly skilled people within Northern Ireland to fill these roles, and we feel it is vital that businesses here support the local IT sector and employment by tapping into the expertise that is available from us and other local firms within the Province.He continues: Our ongoing recruitment drive has also seen the return of people to Northern Ireland with one recruit coming back here after working in New Zealand and Turkey for the past few years. It has been the lack of opportunities here that drove talented people to seek jobs overseas, which is a great loss to the local economy. There has been a high profile publicity drive in place about sourcing locally when it comes to food and that approach should be applied to all services, including IT. If we fail to do this, it is our own economy and community that ultimately suffers, so we are essentially contributing to our own problem.
This new Centre of Excellence has hit the ground running with this new contract providing a major impetus for its growth. Our strategy is to capitalise on new technologies and market opportunities, and we continually work to identify these to grow our Solutions business by exporting our services from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland and the UK as well as servicing local clients, Welch comments.
For much IT work, there is no need to look to remote offshore centres to find the right skills: they are on our own doorstep. Indeed for many of todays IT projects, proximity to clients is critical for success, he concludes.The launch event was attended by representatives from local businesses, as well as from Invest NI and other government departments.


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