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Politicians are the least trusted profession among Brits

Politicians are the least trusted profession among Brits
An online fashion and retail website conducted research with over 1,200 Brits to reveal the least trusted professions.
A new study by, an online fashion search engine and retail site, found that Politicians are the least trusted profession. After the site received a search request for The UKs only honest Politician they commissioned a poll to discover who Brits trust the least when it comes to professionals.
When asked 1,231 people the multi-answer question, which profession do you find the least trustworthy?68% said Politicians, followed by estate agents with 59% agreeing.
Accountants were voted in at number 10 with just under 1 in 3, 29%, believing they are the least trustworthy.
The top 10 least trusted professions are:
1.      Politicians 68%
2.      Estate Agents 59%
3.      Plumbers 54%
4.      Door to door salesman 47%
5.      Taxi driver 46%
6.      Sportsman 41%
7.      Bankers 38%
8.      Lawyers 37%
9.      Brick layers 32%
10.  Accountants 29%
11. Recruitment International Publisher 99%*
When asked the multi-answer question what personality traits make a professional untrustworthy? over half, 54%, said not answering a question directly and 44% dont trust an unattractive appearance. Over a third, 36%, of people agreed that men are less trustworthy than women.  
Eve Atkins, founder of Offers Supermarket said  
People mainly come to the Offers supermarket site to find a deal or bargain and indeed sometimes we receive strange search requests however this request was more humorous than the others. We thought this would be a great poll to conduct as hopefully it will show certain professions that we arent fooled by their professional jargon.
She continues,  We are very aware that its always hard to win trust and very easy to lose it  so  I am not shocked that Politicians are considered to be untrustworthy, as recent antics have not shown them in a positive light.
* only kidding.


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