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REC publishes Guide to Adding Value to the recruitment process

REC publishes Guide to Adding Value to the recruitment process
Important new research into how recruitment agencies can create a compelling added value proposition for their clients is published today in a new practical guide from the Recruitment and Employment Confederations Industry Research Unit.
A Guide to Adding Value will help recruiters differentiate their offering, improve client loyalty and strengthen margins as they come under increasing pressure as the UK moves out of recession. 
It provides a practical blueprint and a step-by-step guide to developing, implementing and then articulating a bespoke menu of services that will add real value to the client and enhance the professional profile of the agency.
The new guide is a based on interviews with leading staffing firms and employer organisations and was produced with the support of the Middlesex Business School and with the assistance of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).
Commenting on its contents, Roger Tweedy, the RECs Director of Research, said:
This is an important report that builds on previous research with Demos (Recruitment 2020) and CIPD (Productive Partnerships): Both concluded that adding value was the key to future success in recruitment. For the first time, the new Guide gives recruitment agencies the tools they need to achieve this success by delivering a powerful added value offering that will take their client relationships to a higher level of efficiency, engagement and financial return.
Our research found that recruitment agencies are generally not as effective as they could be at explaining their added value proposition to clients even when they have a strong offering.  It also shows that agencies that get it right can sustain margins that are, on average, two per cent higher than their direct competitors.
Roger Tweedy added: As the UK moves out of recession, an efficient and effective jobs market will be critical to a sustained and robust economic recovery but, with increasing financial pressures on all sides, the rules of the game are changing.
The further development of professional added value services is imperative if agencies are to transcend an increasingly commoditised recruitment model, forge long term strategic relationships with employer organisations and fully realise their commercial and professional potential.
The report also identifies the benefits associated with adding value to the recruitment process including cost reduction and efficiency improvements, risk deduction, access to specialist advice and market intelligence, improved website and advertising performance, reduction in the HR workload and competitor benchmarking.
For a copy of A Guide to Adding Value, The Key To Future Success in Recruitment, visit the website,


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