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REC raises industry concerns at Prime Ministers immigration briefing

REC raises industry concerns at Prime Ministers immigration briefing

The REC was invited to take part in this morning's debate on immigration policy with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the Home Secretary Alan Johnston.

The Prime Minister's speech outlined the Government's plans to limit the need for immigration by boosting the skills and employability of UK citizens. Measures were also announced to enhance enforcement activity on illegal working.

Responding to the REC's concerns over potential shortage areas such as social care, the Prime Minister emphasised the Government's commitment to actively promoting careers in this sector and reducing reliance on migrant workers.

The Prime Minister also confirmed plans to limit Tier 2 of the points based system which will have specific implications for the high-end of the jobs market.

Commenting on the significance of the meeting for the recruitment industry, REC Director of External Relations Tom Hadley says:

The availability of staff is crucial to the success of the recruitment industry, and the companies they supply. If immigration is tightened up too far then the recovery could be at risk. REC will continue to monitor the impact of immigration changes on recruitment through our specialist sector groups.

The continued focus on ensuring companies do not employ illegal migrants is welcomed. REC will work with members through our legal and standards support services to ensure that the correct checks are made on candidates.

The REC will continue to work with the UK Border Agency and the next Government to ensure the right balance is reached in future immigration policy. This collaborative approach is also taken on the skills side. With REC Sector Groups building links with their skills councils and working with Jobcentre Plus to ensure that unemployed workers are trained up to fill shortage areas.

The Youth Employment Taskforce, which will report by June, will recommend practical measures to ensure young people enter the world of work with the right skills for the jobs of today.


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