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Synarbor Scores 100%

Synarbor Scores 100%

The Education Managed Service Provider (MSP) division of Synarbor PLC, Teach in, was accredited with the DCSF Quality Mark and a 100% score, as of 25 March, 2010.

Synarbor PLC is very pleased that their education division Teach In has been accredited with such a salient mark. It is affirmation of their stringent compliance procedures and vetting processes that are at the heart of this integrated services group.

It is a significant achievement for Synarbor and the education recruitment market, as Teach in is the first and only Managed Service Provider within education to be awarded this accreditation. The groups contingent divisions are all accredited and have been for several years therefore the addition of Teach In helps to complete the family.

Vetting and safeguarding requirements are progressive therefore they are always changing and adapting to suit their environment. Whether statutory, mandatory or good practice, raising standards within the sector is central to the Synarbor group and their values.

This is just one of many exciting changes on the horizon for the Synarbor group.

Collectively, Synarbor Education, Teach in and Supply Desk whom are all part of the Synarbor group, are now all proud holders of the Quality Mark. Synarbor will continue to strive to improve on all aspects of safeguarding, vetting and overall service for their customers.

Kevin Green, Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, which manages the Quality Mark scheme, said: Teach in is to be congratulated in excelling itself in reaching the optimum standard for recruiting supply teachers. This standard is becoming increasingly recognised within the industry as guaranteeing effective and ethical provision of supply teachers who are so crucial to the lifeblood of schools.

Dean Kelly, CEO of Synarbor comment: It is a momentous moment for the Teach In division, as no other Managed Service Provider has ever been awarded the Quality Mark. Our schemes have been active across many school groups, collaborations and authorities since 2002, delivering huge savings, the highest quality of staff and the John Lewis star service in teacher recruitment. To have this recognised and affirmed is fantastic news for both us and our schools

David Triggs CEO AET (Academies enterprise trust): Well done Teach In', an education based Managed Resource Provider with a 100% quality accreditation is good news for the teacher recruitment market, especially in these times of financial constraint'

Chris McDermott Head Teacher & Recruitment Strategy Working Group: Harrow has worked with Teach in as a Managed Provider since 2002 and we have always found the service effective, efficient and quality driven. The Quality Mark accreditation is the stamp of approval it rightly deserves


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