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The Public Speaks

The Public Speaks: UK public invited to vote for PMs next job
A campaign to get the public to vote for Gordon Browns next job has today been launched by recruitment consultancy, Badenoch & Clark.
Members of the public from across the UK are being invited to vote for whether Gordon Brown should become an author, university lecturer or perhaps launch an anger-management consultancy if he fails to win the next election.
Voters will also be able to suggest what David Cameron and Nick Clegg should do after the election, as well as Alistair Darling, George Osborne and Vincent Cable.
Suggestions for Cameron include becoming the editor of The Daily Mail or going back to his public relations roots and setting up Cameron Communications. Nick Clegg has also been tipped to become a childrens TV presenter or a work for a leading charity, such as the RSPCA.
Andy Powell, Director at Badenoch & Clark, said: With post-recession career prospects at the forefront of many peoples minds at the moment, we wanted to give the UK public a chance to vote for the future careers of public figures who may be considering alternative employment following the general election.


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