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UK Employees Feel Family-Friendly Policies Fall Short

UK Employees Feel Family-Friendly Policies Fall Short
New Survey from Reveals 73% of Companies Do Not Provide Family-Friendly Benefits
Family-friendly policies, including maternity and paternity pay and flexible working, regularly spark heated debates. Although statutory rights to these benefits have expanded over the past year, a new survey from job search engine finds many UK employees feel companies are coming up short when it comes to supporting families.
The largest complaint among survey respondents was the lack of family-friendly benefits. Family-friendly benefits are working practices designed to support work-life balance and include the rights to maternity, paternity and parental leave and rights for part-time workers. Only 36% of respondents describe their company as family friendly and 73% of feel that their company does not provide family-friendly benefits.
Would you describe your company as family friendly?
52% No
36% Yes
10% Dont know
Does your company provide family-friendly benefits?
73% No
17% Yes
8% Dont know
Last year, legislation went into effect to extend the statutory right to request flexible working to all parents with a child under age 16. Despite this progress, the survey found that many employees still encounter obstacles when making requests. Nearly half (48%) of respondents said their company does not allow employees to work from home and 30% are discouraged from making special requests when it comes to scheduling around childcare.
What is your companys position on scheduling around childcare?
30% Not flexible, I am discouraged from making special requests
28% Somewhat flexible, when emergencies arise I can make changes
16% Very flexible, I can adjust my hours as I need to
14% Dont know
Does your company allow employees to work from home?
48% No
24% Yes, in special circumstances
24% Yes, for any reason
3% Dont know
One of the most controversial topics today is gender equality in the workplace, particularly for women returning to work after maternity leave. According to the survey, a large majority (58%) of respondents feel mums are not treated fairly in their office when it comes to salary and advancement.
Do you feel mums are treated fairly in your office when it comes to salary and advancement?
58% No
24% Yes
16% Dont know
Businesses increasingly want to be seen as family-friendly to attract top talent, but this survey shows many companies still have a long way to go to support workers with families, said Sachin Shah, Director of International, Simply Hired. It is important that job seekers are aware of their workplace rights and thoroughly research potential employers to ensure that the benefits and policies they need will be provided.


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