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Brookson, one of the leading providers of accountancy, tax advice and support services to contractors, today announced the results of a customer survey aimed at identifying which party the flexible workforce plans to vote for.
The objective is to gauge the mood of the contractor and freelance community in anticipation of the election results. A significant section of the workforce - about 3.25 million people - work on a flexible basis, of which many are self-employed professional contractors. This represents more than 7% of the electorate roughly the lead a party needs to gain an overall majority.
Despite a strong personal performance by Nick Clegg in the first Leaders Debate, Brooksons survey shows that the Liberal Democrats (19.4%) in second spot and Labour (18.8%) in third are well behind the Conservative with over 48%. Given the Conservative partys sympathetic stance on tax for the self employed and small businesses it is perhaps no surprise that it has a lead in this poll, though 48% is a significantly bigger proportion than in polls taken among the general public.
One interesting side-bar is that Others (13.8%) includes a number of contractors planning to vote SNP a reminder of the importance of the flexible workforce in Scotland, and particularly in the Oil and Gas industry. This in turn reflects the continuing importance of the Oil, Gas and Energy sector (a sector where Brookson has a large number of customers) to the Scottish economy.
Martin Hesketh, managing director of Brookson, said It is clear to me that the contractor and freelance community feels hard done-by under the current legislative regime and there is no doubt that there is a strong desire for change.
Much of the talent needed by British industry during the recovery will come from this community. Given that the economic climate makes overseas working very attractive to British engineers and other specialists, the next government needs to act to avoid a brain drain. It clearly needs to acknowledge their importance and resolve the issues that they are uncomfortable with as an economic priority.
 Brookson will continue to run its survey up to the General Election on 6th May at The objective is to gauge the political mood of the contractor and freelance community, a group that is vital to the countrys economic recovery.


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