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Flexible staff are key to delivery of public services, says REC

Flexible staff are key to delivery of public services, says REC
Later this morning, Chancellor George Osborne will announce details on how the 6 billion of cuts in public expenditure will be achieved. It is likely that these cuts will include significant reductions in the use of agency staff and a recruitment freeze across the public sector.
The REC has been leading a pro-active Public Sector Resourcing campaign for several months in order to promote the value and contribution of agency staff. 
Commenting on the damage that potential cuts will cause REC Chief Executive Kevin Green, says:
Agency staff cuts may seem an easy way to reduce cost but the reality is that temporary workers are critical to the delivery of front-line services. Ultimately, the focus must be long-term sustainable reform rather than short-term cuts.
Agency staff are a cost effective solution for public sector employers because they do not carry the same on-costs, such as pensions, that full time employees do. They can also be used as and when required rather than being a fixed cost.
The risk associated with these cuts is that we wont have sufficient cover to deliver public services. There is already a shortage of doctors and nurses in our hospitals, for example.
In relation to recruitment freezes, at a time when the public sector is going to need ever increasing talent and leadership to transform service provision, limiting the ability of public sector organisations to recruit the talent and capability they need to transform themselves will be self-defeating.
The need to reduce public expenditure is a given but knee-jerk cuts will put unbearable pressure on the delivery of front line services.


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