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- Hillman Saunders uses Bond Adapt across two decades to increase speed of delivery, grow during a recession and evolve its offering to customers -
Hillman Saunders, the insurance and financial services specialist recruiters, is celebrating 20 years as a customer of Bond International Software, having successfully used Bond Adapt since 1990.
Hillman Saunders started in December of 1989 and, originally using manual paper-based systems like the vast majority of its competition, installed Bond Adapt in 1990 to jump ahead.
Dennis Saunders, Chairman of Hillman Saunders, comments, In 1989, just as it is now, the emphasis was on acting fast to secure the business.
Saunders continues, Clients would mail us requirements and details of vacancies, at the same time as sending identical information to our competitors this meant that the person who opened the mail, sought out the appropriate CV and candidate and put it in front of the client the fastest had the greatest chance of winning the business. While we and many of our competitors would therefore typically send office juniors to hand deliver CVs and associated paperwork to clients in an effort to be first, this focus on rapid response needed to be reflected in the ability to search for candidates.
Many recruitment agencies had similar if not the same candidates on their records, so it often simply came down to who got there first, Saunders adds, But Bond Adapt gave us a phenomenal advantage while our competitors would search through files, index cards and other paper-based records, we were able to search electronically through our databases and find the candidate in a fraction of the time, giving us an instant head start.
Clearly, the ability to electronically search through databases is taken as read in todays technology-driven business world, but in 1990, this was an enviable position to be in. Saunders adds, When we set the business up, little did we know that we were just months away from the worst recession in 40 years, but while dozens of other recruitment agencies fell by the wayside, we actually expanded from two partners to a team of 13, primarily because we were able to do business faster.
Now a company of 30 people in the London head office, and a further six in the Manchester office, serving over 250 regular clients and filling almost 1,000 vacancies a year, Hillman Saunders has seen the recruitment industry, and the Bond offering, evolve dramatically over the years.
Saunders comments, Speed has remained a major factor of the recruitment industry, and probably always will. The introduction of email, the internet, job boards and the like has merely changed the degree of speed that is required and the manner in which we fulfil our clients needs. This has of course required some drastic changes to our working practices over the years, and Bond Adapt has successfully changed with us every time indeed the Bond Adapt software has typically evolved ahead of the market so that when we come to need a particular function or ability, it is already there ready and waiting for us.
A 20 year relationship with a single supplier is unusual in most areas of business, particularly in technology, but Saunders doesnt agree, primarily because of the levels of customer service and quality of account management he has enjoyed over the 20 years. Bond Adapt has all the functionality the company needs, is highly configurable should these needs change, and is easy to work with on a daily basis, shortening the time it takes to bring new members of the team up to speed. Add to this the exemplary support and service levels that Bond provides, and why would I want to move?


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