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REC Construction signs HSE Pledge

REC Construction signs HSE Pledge
The Recruitment and Employment Confederations Construction Sector Group has today signed the Health and Safety Executives Pledge to support the HSE strategy.
The HSE Pledge calls on signatories to:
Agree to play our part in reducing the numbers of work-related deaths, injuries and ill-health in Great Britain.
Call on employers to put health and safety at the heart of what they do and to take a common sense approach to health and safety.
Commit to debunking myths around health and safety that trivialise the impact of injuries, ill health and deaths on individuals and their families.
Recognise the importance of health and safety in difficult economic times and the dangers of complacency.
Pledge to work with the Health and Safety Executive and its partners to Be Part of the Solution.
Commenting on the news REC Construction Chair, Simon Noakes said: Our aim is to make  Health and Safety in Construction the platform on which every REC Construction member builds and wins business.
The REC promotes best practice in recruitment in construction, and this includes pledges by members to carry out their health and safety duties.   Safety should always come first and we encourage everyone involved in the Construction industry, contractors and labourers to work with recruitment agencies who take their safety responsibilities seriously."
REC Construction was recently appointed to the HSE Construction Industry Advisory Committee and will be producing a joint document with the HSE giving guidance to Construction recruitment agencies on best practice. 
The REC takes complaints against members where clients or candidates feel an REC member has failed in its duties. 


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