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Redundant senior public sector executives

Redundant senior public sector executives face tough future, warns executive agent InterExec
Following the Governments first round of austerity cuts, InterExec, the confidential Agent for executives seeking over 150k, is warning that public sector executives face serious challenges finding private sector jobs.
InterExec, which specialises in placing senior executives in jobs in the private sector, warns that senior public sector lifers will struggle to find similar positions in the private sector as they are unlikely to be in headhunters little black books.
Unlike private sector jobs, public sector positions must be advertised and many executives may, therefore, never have had contact with the UKs 4000 headhunters who control over 95 percent of positions paying 150,000 or more.
Kit Scott Brown, chief executive of InterExec, commented: Many senior executives who have had a lifetime in the public-funded sector are not going to have access to private sector positions which are the exclusive domain of headhunters. These positions are almost never advertised and it is highly unlikely that an executive who is currently employed in the public sector will ever get to hear about them.
Britains jobseekers are just as conscious about appearance when going for a job interview as ever according to a new survey from Hays, the leading recruiting expert. Almost a third of men and women spend between 1-2 hours getting ready for a job interview. Astonishingly when asked how long jobseekers took getting dressed for an interview compared to a night out, sensible Brits opted for the interview a whopping 88% said that they spend more time looking the part for an interview. Over a third of respondents said they spend more time on appearance due to the added competition for jobs in the downturn.
Not only is looking good a priority 60% of respondents feel it can actually tip the balance between two closely matched candidates. A huge 96% also felt that appearance indicated their commitment and attitude towards the role and 84% even gave consideration to the colours they wore at interviews.
Charles Logan, Director at Hays, comments: The added competition for jobs means that candidates need to pull out all the stops to secure a new position. Whilst appearance isnt the deciding factor, it can help to put a decision in your favour because it shows a certain level of professionalism and commitment to the role. In times like these jobseekers should be doing everything they can to put themselves at an advantage.


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