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Specialist recruitment trainer Dean Gollings has published an ebook

Specialist recruitment trainer Dean Gollings has published an ebook entitled
How to Be a Great Recruitment Manager Leadership Tips, Strategies and Horror Stories from the Recruitment Frontline.
The book is essential reading for existing recruitment Managers, Directors and owners along with any Consultant who might like to lead a team at some future point. HR professionals who might want a better understanding of what goes on the other side of the fence should also buy a copy.
The book is packed with invaluable advice, hundreds of practical tips and many real life confessions and recruitment disasters. It also contains superb contributions from Graham Palfery-Smith, Renny Hayes Nigel Milford and Gary Watson (formerly Michael Page Directors), Paul Forrest at Manpower Professional and the thoughts of many other successful recruitment leaders from around the world.
It has already been described as Brilliant and brave, A revelation and Its Great. Deserves to be a bestseller and recruitment industry standard by recruitment CEOs who read a preview copy.
The book aims to be the best, most informative, honest and funniest book about recruitment ever written. A donation of 1 for every ebook sold will go to UNICEF. The book is downloadable exclusively at  where you can also obtain an extensive free sample.


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