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WEB based recruiters offering flat fees and fixed prices are a false economy warns a specialist recruitment expert.
The pile em high and sell em cheap ethos of online agencies may offer headline savings but it fails to find that perfect fit, according to recruitment boss, Andrew Hardaker.
This means companies could face further recruitment costs and potential lost business opportunities thanks to ineffective matching.
Andrew, Managing Director of ATA Selection, cautioned: The prospect of a fixed price or flat fee for finding a candidate may sound appealing but firms could be wasting their money.
Web agencies are guaranteeing to fill vacancies for low fees but good recruitment isnt about simply filling vacancies.
Yes, you will get a candidate but is it the right candidate?
Good, effective recruitment is matching the best candidate possible to the role and that requires a lot more than scanning a CV and having a quick chat on the phone.
It also requires strong market knowledge and not the blanket approach often adopted by web recruiters who are tapping into many and diverse employment sectors.
ATA boast more than 40 years experience in bringing together candidates and companies within general and manufacturing engineering, rail, energy, technical sales and construction spheres.
With acute awareness of their sectors the skilled consultants at ATA know the right candidate may not always be the most obvious.
Their background may not directly match the job spec but they may have the transferable skills and go-getter attitude which would make them the prime person for the role.
And to prise that out takes time and research, personal discussion and face to face interviews exactly the sort of service provided by ATA Selection.
A complete recruitment consultancy, ATA offers contingency database recruitment with success stemming from competent and motivated consultants who take the time to understand the exact needs of both employers and employers.
Andrew Hardaker said: Finding candidates who are best suited to a business is a laborious job. The candidates CV and experience, personality and career aspirations all have to be considered.
Fail to do this properly and a business may well end up with a disgruntled employee whose productivity is poor, who undermines team morale and who soon seeks another job so you are back to square one and facing further recruitment costs and loss of productivity which can hit profit.
Using a specialist recruitment company, with experience in your field, is more likely to provide you with that perfect fit, a happy, productive employee who will stay with you for the long term.
The headline figure may be more but it will be money well spent and not money down the drain.


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