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Leading UK Umbrella and Subcontracting Company Zeva, has just announced that it has been granted a GLA Licence for its new PAYE product, the only umbrella company to currently hold a licence following an audit of its Contracts & Compliance Procedures.
The GLA - a non-departmental public body within the Department of Environment regulates those who supply labour or use workers to provide services in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, shellfish gathering and food processing and packaging.
The granting of the licence is seen as a landmark within the industry due to the historic inability for Umbrella Companies to prove HMRC compliance and responsibility.
Zevas managing director, Gary Butterworth said: The GLA Licence has not been easy to achieve, however we have persevered to demonstrate our complete compliance with HMRC and GLA guidelines. We want to be officially recognised as a credible and transparent company, unlike many other Umbrella Companies that merely say they are. We believe in raising industry standards and working with responsible recruitment agencies to ensure workers are paid in the right way and are treated fairly, which unfortunately is not common practice. 
The GLAs audit of our Contracts & Compliance Procedures and the resulting award of a GLA licence is testimony to our HMRC compliance. We believe that it has been our ability to demonstrate our total adherence to HMRC rules and guidelines by opening up our internal compliance systems and procedures to scrutiny in a way that no other provider can do, that has led to our PAYE service being approved.
Gary added: We are extremely pleased with the decision and hope that it will provide agencies with the sort of official legitimate proof of compliance, many within the industry have been waiting for.
PAYE is a unique product and not available from any other provider. It, together with Zevas  CIS Subcontractor, Subcontractor and Umbrella products means it is now able to provide a total payment and payroll solution for the UK recruitment agency industry. Providing protection for all parties involved, with robust and regular qualification of workers
Established in 2005, Zeva provides a single payment and payroll solution for recruitment agencies, fully taking on the roll of employer and in doing so completely removing the requirement for an agency to run its own payroll, or to outsource to multiple providers.


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