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1st GLA Conviction in Wales

1st GLA Conviction in Wales
A Cardiff based gangmaster business was sentenced for operating as a gangmaster without a licence on Tuesday 8 June 2010 at Abertillery Magistrates Court, Gwent.
Recruitment Solutions Wales Ltd operating from 2 Alexandra Gate, Ffordd Pengam, Rover Way, Cardiff, was sentenced to pay a fine and costs totalling 1,615.
The Gangmaster business who had previously held a licence issued by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority, did not have its licence renewed in October 2008. He was found to be still supplying workers to a bakery in Bridgend in Mid Glamorgan on 21st July 2009.
One company was cautioned for using unlicensed labour, but the decision was taken not to prosecute them. If they are found to be using an unlicensed gangmaster again, there would be an increased likelihood of prosecution.
Local constituency MP Alun Michael said:
Im delighted to see the Gangmasters Licensing Authority operating in an effective manner. When I was involved in setting up the Gangmasters Licensing Authority, I wanted it to make a difference and its good to see it taking action against those who break the law. The point of legislation is to enable gangmasters to supply labour where it is needed without big administrative burdens but to make sure that everyone does so within the law.
Paul Whitehouse, Chairman of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority said:
Recruitment Solutions Wales Ltd, knew they should have been licensed but chose to break the law. Anyone who does this knows there could be consequences and we are increasingly finding and prosecuting those who operate without a licence.
Whilst it may have not been in the public interest to prosecute the business that were supplied with workers, this time, we have already had one conviction of a labour user for using unlicensed labour and would not hesitate to do so again in the right circumstances.


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