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REC launches new AWR toolkit

REC launches new AWR toolkit 
With the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) just 16 months away, the REC is today (Thursday June 17) launching a new phase of its ongoing AWR campaign. The aim is to help recruiters and their clients prepare for the legal, practical and even technological challenges that the new regulations will present.
The AWR Toolkit includes legal briefings, standard presentations, training workshops, webinars and an impact assessment check-list. As well as minimizing costs and disruption, the focus is on providing recruiters with the tools to work with clients and to seize new opportunities. 
Commenting on the launch of the AWR Toolkit, Tom Hadley, the RECs Director of External Relations, said: This is a significant milestone - the latest stage in a ten year campaign to ensure that the EU regulations are workable in the UK. The intensive lobbying drive in Brussels and Whitehall led to some important wins, our aim now is to do everything possible to facilitate the implementation process.
The Agency Worker Regulations are amongst the most significant to ever hit the industry. At the same time, there will be real opportunities for recruiters to demonstrate expertise, leadership and added value in their discussion with clients. Facilitating this dialogue is one of the initial aims of the Toolkit. 
The first REC webinar on the latest AWR developments will take place on Thursday July 22 from 10am to 11am. For more information go to:
As part of the ongoing discussions with Government, the REC will be meeting next month with Edward Davey,  the new Minister with responsibility for the AWR.
The AWR toolkit, webinar and events are available to members through visiting the website,


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