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Job search specialist company Renovo is reporting unprecedented success through its work with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Response to Redundancy initiative.
Since being selected to support Jobcentres across the country with the scheme Renovo has assisted more than 8,500 job seekers in England and helped over 40% of these to return to full time employment. A major achievement in todays market place where more and more trained professionals are finding themselves out of work.
The company attributes this success to its advanced technological capabilities and sector expertise through which it able to add value and longer term support to job seekers at no extra cost to the DWP.
The Response to Redundancy initiative was created because of the rapidly increasing number of professionals who have become job seekers allowance claimants since the recession took hold. Recognising that the Jobcentre Plus network was not geared to assisting executives The DWP engaged specialist support via recruitment agencies. It selected 600 operators to provide a one-day intensive job search course aimed at professionals.
As one of these selected operators Renovo responded with a radically different and a truly innovative programme which offers job seekers much longer-term guidance and support. It felt that a one day package was not sufficient to prepare job seekers adequately and as such developed an alternative delivery model managed over three months. Renovos service is tailored specifically to their individual needs with online resource and a dedicated career adviser.
Specifically participants have 24 hour access to an online job search management portal that guides them through an effective job search process. It takes them through psychometric tests to ascertain career direction, builds multiple versions of their CV, searches over 4,500 internet job sites simultaneously, and applies for jobs whilst tracking their applications. It also performs company research and utilises social media networking tools.
This provides an efficient process although Renovo recognises the importance of human interaction during the return to work process both in terms of advice and emotional experiences. To support the process Renovo provides every participant with a dedicated career adviser, available by telephone and email for the 3 month duration of the programme. The company assists individuals from all industries and professional job functions throughout the UK.
Through adopting the above delivery model, Renovo has been able to achieve outstanding results, assisting over 1100 people on a monthly basis, putting three people back to work every hour and ultimately providing more for less for the DWP and tax payer.
David Twiddle, managing director at Renovo, said: The success we are having with this initiative is testament to the service and assistance that we offer job seekers. Our model is unlike any other as we offer long-term support and guidance rather than a one off consultation. People are welcome to use the service as much or as little as they require, some people may just require educating in modern job search techniques whereas others may prefer to have daily contact with an adviser.
We currently have 3,200 people using the package and have received a 96% customer satisfaction rating when using the DWP feedback questionnaire, which is further evidence that our specialist service is really making a difference.


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