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Survey results show contractors optimistic about market

Survey results show contractors optimistic about market
In a recent survey initiated by specialist accountancy firm Simply Contracting Ltd, over 81% (107) of contract workers responding to the question (131) said they felt optimistic about their ability to continue contracting despite over 54% saying that the recession had impacted on their business.
The customer survey, independently conducted by Shape the Future, in which contract workers were asked diverse questions about their career and their thoughts on the current market, proves that a healthy proportion of contractors believe that this style of working is a success for them and is what they will choose to do in the future.
Moreover, 80% of respondents (106) felt very positive about their sector of the contracting market for the next 12 months. Most of the respondents work as contract workers in public sector construction and in engineering, especially in the energy sector, so this is also encouraging news for these industries.
This is a positive outcome, from which businesses which heavily rely on contractors should take heart, says Simply Contracting head, Cath Carruthers. The optimism shown about the contract workers own prospects is also reassuring for the agencies who recruit them, after recent uncertain times.
The customer survey was also good news for the accountancy firm. In the survey, Simply Contracting itself was pleased to find that 90% of respondents to the question (131 out of 145) expressed themselves as satisfied with the accountancy package provided by the company, with over half saying they were very satisfied. Over 92% of respondents (121 out of 131) would be likely to recommend Simply Contracting to other contractors.
Were very pleased with the results of the survey, says Cath Carruthers. We work hard to offer a customer-focused, efficient service underpinned by real expertise. Being able to have confidence in their accountancy provider was voted by contract workers as the single most important aspect of their service, and over 92% of contractors went on to say they were satisfied with this in Simply Contracting. Whats more, over 92% were also satisfied with the quality of customer service, in terms of staffs courteousness, helpfulness and knowledge, so were over the moon about that.
The survey was conducted this spring by Shape the Future on Simply Contractings behalf and altogether 146 contract workers, a random sample of the firms client base, replied.


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