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Anne Corder Recruitment welcomes leading recruitment expert to seminar

Anne Corder Recruitment welcomes leading recruitment expert to seminar Around 80 HR professionals were given a comprehensive overview of how new regulations are likely to affect them at a law seminar organised by Anne Corder Recruitment and Hegarty LLP solicitor. The Agency Workers Regulations will come into force in October 2011, giving temporary workers on assignment for 12 weeks or more equal treatment as their employed counterparts. There have been fears the introduction of the regulations could result in a major downturn in the demand for temps leading to a negative knock on effect throughout the jobs market. Staff at Anne Corder Recruitment have worked closely with industry regulator the Recruitment and Employment Confederation over the past 18 months, ensuring the agency is fully versed on how both it and its clients can remain compliant. As part of that service to clients, the Peterborough-based independent agency invited the RECs director of external relations Tom Hadley to address representatives from some of the citys high profile employers at a seminar dedicated to the subject. He shared the stage with Hegartys employment expert Martin Bloom who discussed the legal implications of the regulations, We were delighted Tom agreed to speak at the seminar to give his very clear perspective on the introduction of the regulations, said Anne Corder. Tom has been involved in lobbying, information gathering and formal discussions from grass roots to the very highest level so it was invaluable for us and our clients to hear his thoughts about these, potentially very far-reaching, regulations first hand. Tom was keen to point out the role agencies like ACR can play in the smooth implementation of the regulations. Temporary work provides vital flexibility for businesses as well as opportunities for job-seekers. We must ensure that complex new EU regulations do not jeopardise this, he said. The key is for agencies to work in partnership with employers to plan ahead and pre-empt some of the practical challenges. Recruitment professionals will continue to lead the way this briefing seminar was an important part of the planning process.


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