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- iPhones and iPads to be fully supported by Bond Adapt, combining revolutionary mobile devices with market-leading recruitment software -
Bond International Software, the global provider of recruitment & human capital management software & services, is from today showcasing to new and current customers its dedicated iPhone and iPad apps for Bond Adapt, its market-leading specialist portfolio of recruitment software applications, thereby providing a full mobile and iDesking ability.
Mobile access to recruitment platforms via smartphones is typically via web browsers rather than dedicated apps and is presented on shrunken screens and with limited functionality. However, through the Bond Adapt iPhone app, recruiters can access their Bond Adapt systems on the move and use the intuitive interface inherent within iPhones to, amongst other functions, perform candidate searches, update vacancies and access profiles.
Daniel Richardson, Chief Technology Officer at Bond International Software (UK), comments, Bond Adapts greatest advantage is that it can be tailored according to a recruiters specific needs, which intrinsically makes it a software platform suitable for any organisation. This configurability would ordinarily mean that no standard Bond Adapt app could be created as each of our Bond Adapt deployments is different. However, through dedicating a large amount of our research and development energies to the design of this app, the advantages seen from the usability of iPhones can be readily applied to a recruiters day-to-day activity through the use of our iPhone app, and our new iPad integration.
iDesking is a principle whereby a high level of customer service can be provided in face to face scenarios through an iPad, as both a recruiter and client-side app are made available from the same device. Therefore, a recruiter can run a search for a particular candidate type via the recruiter app on the iPad and then, having switched to a client-facing app through the touch of a single button, show the output to the client in a meeting. The client can then browse the available candidate profiles and offer comments or refinements, following which, the recruiter may immediately re-run the search and then re-present a honed list of candidates, with the ability to also show CVs and profile information for each individual one, and even send the suitable candidates emails to ask if they are interested.
Tim Richards, MD of Bond International Software (UK), comments, The functionality of iPad and iPhone technology is, quite understandably, taking the consumer and corporate world by storm. From a corporate perspective, the intuitive technology not only has advantages for an individuals working environment, but is particularly useful when in a client meeting scenario. The ability to cut out swathes of time by addressing a clients needs immediately in a meeting not only showcases the recruiter directly in front of the client, but also has tangible effects on the recruiters speed of delivery.
Richards continues, We have literally thousands of recruiters using our standard mobile functionality, and anticipate a similar degree of uptake of our iPhone and iPad apps. Bond Adapt leads the market due to its configurability and its reliability, but in order to maintain this position, we must ensure that our technology is accessible to all our customers, irrespective of their preferred method of use. With iPhones and iPads only likely to increase in popularity, we have developed a strong iPhone and iDesking proposition which we are sure will also lead the market in its own right.


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