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Career in finance and accounting adds up for graduates

Career in finance and accounting adds up for graduates
Nearly two thirds (63 percent) of those hiring favour junior employees to boost their organisations
There was encouraging news for UK graduates today, with nearly two thirds (63 percent) of finance leaders surveyed in the latest Robert Half CFO Confidence Index wanting to recruit into graduate or junior positions (1 to 5 years experience) when looking to hire permanent finance and accounting staff in the next six months.
The results indicated that Generation Y (Gen Y a label given to people born during the 1980s and early 1990s[1]), are becoming increasingly popular with employers, with different skill sets on offer compared to their older counterparts. Of those questioned, one in ten Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and finance directors felt that Gen Y were more commercially aware than Generation X, (Gen X a label given to people born during the 1960s and 1970s, an attribute that can make all the difference to an organisation in a demanding economic climate.
Commenting on the findings, Phil Sheridan Managing Director of Robert Half UK said: Graduates are having a tough time getting on the job ladder right now, with less opportunities and more competition in many sectors. However, our survey has shown that for those who want to work as a finance professional, there are potential openings. To get a foot in the door in the finance and accounting world, graduates should try following these top eight tips:
Network Make a list of all the areas of your life in which you know people. For example: work, sports and friends. Let them know you are looking for a job and are open to any connections they can make for you. Attend networking events or join societies that are business-related, which will result in useful contacts in your chosen field
Build your online profile Linkedin, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc. are very useful ways to interact with other finance professionals, recruiters and potential employers
Be bold Job hunting is not the time to be modest. You dont want to lie about your experience or talents, but self promotion can go along way in securing a role
Be strategic in your search A recent survey by Robert Half found that CFOs are finding it most challenging to recruit in the areas of audit (24 percent) and compliance (22 percent). Even if you dont have experience in these areas, there is obviously a demand so focus your search to these sectors
Get some honest feedback First impressions count and to beat the competition it is vital that you can perform at the interview stage. Meet with a recruiter or ask a parent or family friend to practice interview questions. It may feel funny at the time, however, practicing really does make a difference and helps you to be more articulate and relaxed when it comes to the real thing
Identify your dream role Companies are looking to hire a candidate who is passionate about their business and committed to the role. If you can demonstrate these qualities in the interview you are more likely to be successful
Get out there Extracurricular activities, especially those that are business related, will make a positive addition to your CV in the absence of directly-related work experience
Persist Job hunting can be really tough and it is easy to become disillusioned with your chances. However the only way to secure a role is persistence
The survey also found that finance chiefs still had some negative perceptions of Gen Y. On average, 17 percent thought that Gen Y do not work as hard as Gen X, and another 17 percent of finance chiefs regarded Gen Y as less driven than Gen X.
Phil Sheridan continued: These results show that there are still some negative opinions coming from an older generation about younger candidates, with CFOs seeing Gen Y as idle and less ambitious than more experienced employees. However, Gen Y are recognised for their enthusiasm and willingness to gain additional experience and develop their skills. Furthermore Gen Y are known for being open to new ideas in the workplace vital when operating in a difficult economic environment.


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