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Half of interims say social networking supports their role

Half of interims say social networking supports their role
Interim Partners launches new website
Social networking is a unique and integral facility of the new website to encourage greater connectivity and debate
Half (49%) of all interims say that social networking supports their role as an interim, according to a survey by Interim Partners, the leading provider of interim management solutions.
According to Interim Partners research, almost all interims (92%) use LinkedIn and nearly a quarter (23%) use Twitter. (Full results below)
Doug Baird, Managing Director of Interim Partners, comments: Interim managers are increasingly turning to new social media to develop their business network, communicate their specialist expertise, share knowledge and discover new interim assignments.
More than half of interims (55%) say that growing and keeping in touch with their business network is the most important reason for using social media.
Says Doug Baird: Except when they are on assignment interims work on their own, but they depend on an extensive business network and social media can help them to bridge the gap. There is huge potential for interims who use social networking to reach a wider network of business contacts who might be interested in using their services.
Interim Partners launches new website
Interim Partners launched its new website today for clients and candidates at
Interim Partners website now includes the IP Community Forum, a space where candidates can discuss issues facing the interim management sector and how this applies to both their immediate assignment and their longer-term careers.
Doug Baird says: After listening hard to our clients and candidates, we have invested in a complete overhaul of our website. In addition to being much more user-friendly the site now offers greater opportunity for interims to connect with others and share their experiences. For clients, we have streamlined our offer into four distinct sectors, making it faster and easier for them to access our specialist consultants.
The social networking element to the site continues to develop and we hope that a real community will grow to foster the interim management profession.
The website is arranged into four sector specific portals so candidates and clients can access relevant information quickly. The portals are:
Financial Services
Retail and Consumer
Industry and Services
Public Sector


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