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Is it really your dream job

Is it really your dream job if it's not your dream pay?
In a market where there are more available jobseekers than actual jobs, one would speculate that when asked, is it really your dream job if its not your dream pay? that the 67% of people that said yes were not all working for love.   
In fact a survey commissioned to over 900 people by Tate, specialists in office support recruitment, revealed that approximately 13% of the people surveyed believed working in your dream job would be good for their career progression.  Less than 20% would feel exploited working for less money or think money is too important a factor to stay in a job, even if they love it.     
Tates Managing Director, Jo Edwards commented that, Attaining your dream job is rare and whilst job enrichment is critical to employee satisfaction, not being rewarded appropriately for your efforts can be disheartening.  If this is a situation you find yourself in, request that additional benefits are built into your package or ask your recruitment consultant to negotiate tricky conversations like salary on your behalf. 
By following these simple rules, landing your dream job may also mean landing your dream pay. 


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