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Unique Sourcebook marks five years of REC Research

Unique Sourcebook marks five years of REC Research
The Recruitment and Employment Confederations Industry Research Unit (IRU) is publishing a new Research Sourcebook to mark the fifth anniversary of its launch.
The new publication brings together and summarises some of the key information included in the 50 reports the Unit has produced since it was founded in 2005 and which, for the first time, provides an outline to the shape and structure of the industry.
It is a landmark document for the Unit, which it hopes will become a key reference tool for recruiters wanting to build their business and lobbyists wanting to demonstrate the increasing professionalism of the Industry.
A new and powerful source of market intelligence, the Sourcebook gives information that recruiters can use to win tenders, strengthen client relationships, build powerful business plans, benchmark performance and access best practice.
It is also the lobbyists bible, summarising much of the key empirical data that has been so successfully deployed to underpin important lobbying positions and improve stakeholder understanding of the recruitment Industry.
Commenting on the new Sourcebook, Roger Tweedy, the RECs Director of Research said: The launch of the Sourcebook is an important milestone for the Unit. I think many recruiters will be surprised by the depth of knowledge that we now have and how this new resource can be used both to win business and to project a positive, professional image of the Industry to the outside world.
We have always had a focus on producing practical research that makes a real difference. The new Sourcebook is fantastic showcase for this research and a great map that recruiters can use to navigate straight to the information they need.
He added: I would like to thank our sponsors and our research partners for their fantastic support. In particular, I am grateful to the Steering Group of leading staffing firms and stakeholders whose commitment and support has both enabled and guided our research agenda over the last five years.
Copies of the Sourcebook are being sent to all REC members to give them practical information that will help improve their commercial advantage in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market place.


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