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Anne brings international dimension

Anne brings international dimension to becoming RECs top Certificate student
Anne Pike is celebrating after becoming the Recruitment and Employment Confederations top Certificate in Recruitment Practice (Cert.RP) student.
Anne from Larkhall near Bath sat her examination in Sofia, Bulgaria - the first time a top REC student has succeeded in an overseas location, achieving a Distinction and attaining near perfect marks.
A Masters graduate from Aston University, Anne was originally an academic manager for the business wing of an overseas cultural relations organisation and also recruited teachers and administration staff for teaching centres in Spain and Morocco.
Her recruitment career began as a deputy manager in a teaching centre in Seoul, South Korea, between 2004 and 2006, with part of her job being to recruit teachers and other education staff.
During those two years, she recruited more than 70 staff mostly along UK lines, but she did find there were Korean rules about the visa process which impacted on placements.  Most of her experience has been in the placement of teaching staff on fixed term contracts, usually for one or two years.
Ann is currently working in the field of international education. One of her ambitions is to benchmark and then improve generic recruitment standards to which she believes many international school and colleges should aspire. To achieve this, Anne thinks there is a need for a website with generic educational recruitment advice to help UK principals working overseas to get to grips with international recruitment issues.
Commenting on the Certificate in Recruitment Practice,  Anne said: What I liked about it is that you could achieve top marks through directly following the course and studying hard. The Certificate examination questions do not ask for anything extra from the sitters which make it a level playing field for students who are new to recruitment but who are eager to learn.
Some of the tips Anne offers to any prospective Certificate students include: do not underestimate the amount of time needed to digest everything within it and fully understand the subjects covered. She also advises researching any topics of interest such as the legislation issues through the internet.
Anne put together 40 final revision cards and spent the final few hours before the exam entombed in a Sofia hotel bathroom with the cards while her partner was watching the football World Cup in an adjacent room!
Anne concluded: I am delighted to be the top Certificate student. I felt I made good choices in taking the Certificate course and in the way I tackled the studies. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with significant recruitment responsibilities both in and outside the recruitment industry.
Commenting on her accolade, Judith Armatage, the RECs Director of Professional Development, said: Anne has truly distinguished herself in the Certificate examinations. It demonstrates her level of commitment to achieving the highest possible level of excellence as a recruiter and also the flexibility of our distance learning programme in being available to students no matter where they are in the world. We wish her every success in her ambition to raise recruitment standards in international schools and colleges.


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