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FCSA urges HMRC to keep up the pressure

FCSA urges HMRC to keep up the pressure on non-compliant service providers
Overlooking non-compliance could damage the UK's freelance workforce and the economic recovery
Following the revelation in the Financial Times last week that HMRC is to adopt a less combative approach to resolving tax disputes with businesses, the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association welcomes the commitment from HMRC to be more flexible, but advises due attention be paid to non-compliant service provider businesses who damage the freelance contract workforce.
Stuart Davis, Chairman of the FCSA comments: 'Non-compliance from service provider businesses undermines the credibility of the service provider sector and threatens the productivity of the UK's flexible workers. I know that HMRC is trying to save money, but clarity and strong enforcement is needed to raise and maintain compliance standards.
FCSA is working - within industry - to encourage best practice, setting standards for compliance through our industry leading code of conduct. We urge that HMRC keep up pressure to stamp out non-compliance to ensure that flexible workers are protected. In doing so, we make certain that their indispensible contribution to the UK economy continues and grows.'


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