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Latest UK Employment Law Statistics: Claims Volumes Soar

Latest UK Employment Law Statistics: Claims Volumes Soar says City Lawyers, Silverman Sherliker LLP
UK Employment Claims Soar by Over 56%
The total number of Employment Tribunal claims has soared by over 56 p% in the last year, from 151,000 in 2008-2009 to a total of 236,100 up to the end of March this year. The increase is huge. The main increases are Working Time Directive claims, deduction of wages and redundancy pay claims. 
Working Time Directive Claims up 300%
Working Time Directive claims saw a staggering increase of 300%, up to 95,000 from 24,000 last year. Deduction of wages claims doubled from 33,000 to 75,000. Redundancy pay and unfair dismissal claims saw rises of 9,000 and 5,000, respectively.
Despite these dramatic increases, classic unfair dismissal cases still top the charts at 51,000 claims.
Sexual discrimination claims have stayed almost the same, and disability, race, religion/belief and sexual orientation cases have all increased, in step with the overall increase in unfair dismissal claims. 
Almost 70% of Employment Claims are SuccessfulTwice as many claims are successful at Tribunal as are unsuccessful. represents fewer than 20 percent of the total cases actually being heard at Tribunal, indicating that many cases settle early without hearings. Negotiated settlements are recorded in the ET statistics as withdrawn and the ACAS conciliated settlements are recorded independently. This means that potentially up 60 percent of cases may settle.
All in all, these figures spell out progress for employment cases in the last year, with the caveat that the pressure on the Tribunals Service is clearly higher than in previous years and may even be too much for them to handle. 
This is certainly the experience of Silverman Sherliker who have seen a threefold increase in compromise agreement work through their web-site in recent weeks and have noted that many potential claimants are agreeing realistic settlement figures in the interests of a speedy conclusion given the huge wave of claims that the Tribunal is now facing.


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