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Antal Russia: TOP10 hard-to-get professions

Headhunters victims: who are they?
Antal Russia: TOP10 hard-to-get professions
Despite the fact that the Russian labor market has just recovered from an economic recession, demand for some specialists significantly exceeds supply. Companies are willing to outbid for these specialists, offering them attractive work conditions. Antal Russia experts have formed a rating of professions with the biggest deficits, based on a supply/demand ratio.
1.       Demand Planning Specialist
Companies felt the urgent need for demand planning specialists when the crisis started - their prior aim was increasing companys efficiency and cost optimization. Management started to release frozen assets by optimizing warehouse costs and getting rid of non-sold goods. The main responsibility of this specialist is to conduct a strategic demand analysis, taking into consideration data from sales, logistics and marketing departments and controlling the implementation of forecasts.
Lack of demand planning specialists is caused by the fact that this function is still new for our market. Also its not very easy to find a professional who has combined strong analytical and communication skills, - Olesya Shkut, senior consultant, logistics dept., Antal Russia
Income: 75 000 100 000 rub. per month
2.       Investor Relationship Manager (IR)
Russian companies investment activity is rising. Investor Relationship Manager is a new profession for our market. Companies have just started to consider the role of IR-manager who would be responsible for building relations with companys investors.
Owners dont always understand the necessity of this position or start thinking it over when it has been already too late. A company, which is considering doing an IPO, should form a strategy of investor relationships and find a person who would be responsible for this area. IR-managers with relevant experience are very rare on Russian market, - Elvira Chekmareva, principal consultant, marketing recruitment, Antal Russia.
Income: 150 000 400 000 rub. per month (bonuses are possible)
3.       Derivative Lawyer
A considerable growth of derivative deals has resulted in rising demand for lawyers who are supporting these deals.
Lawyers with strong derivatives experience, especially with international expertise, are in great deficit. Employers would like to hire people with sufficient background, deep knowledge in derivatives legal providing, but its very difficult to outbid them. Thats why companies are either preparing their own specialists or start working with law companies where experienced professionals work, - Olga Demidova, manager, Antal-Laurence Simons (legal recruitment).
Income: N/A
4.       Internal Communications Manager
Big international companies are now aimed at building effective internal communication systems between their companys departments. Its important to develop this direction both in young growing companies and in big stable structures, - Lilia Maslova, manager, retail sector, Antal Russia.
The internal communications manager develops and conducts events aimed at forming effective communications between employees from all departments and supporting corporate culture, making everyone share its vision and values. He collects and analyses employees feedback and is works on their motivation.
Income: 100 000 250 000 rub. per month
 5.       Banking strategic planning specialist
More and more local banks are considering entering the international market international banks are expanding into the Russian market. There is a need to create a common development strategy thats why banks are opening strategic development departments.
Strategic planning specialists position has recently become popular on banking market the demand for such professionals is rather high. The main duties of these specialists are forming the main development directions, carrying out strategic plans and providing their approval, - Sayana Shoynzhurova, consultant, banking department, Antal Russia.
Income: 150 000 400 000 rub. per month
 6.       Mobile advertisement platforms manager
The popularity of mobile marketing (promotion of products and services by mobile technologies) is growing, taking the lead over traditional communication channels. The role of a mobile advertisement platform manager is to manage projects to create and place media advertising on a mobile platform: attracting of new clients, work with contractors, strategic planning.
These professionals are mostly in demand among companies specialized on mobile applications and mobile operators. Employers are interested in managers with project management experience, technical knowledge and experience of work with a mobile platform, WAP, mobile internet and mobile advertising. An ideal candidate is a technical specialist with the talent of an advertising manager, says Alexey Vlasov, consultant of Antal Russia marketing recruitment department.
Income: 60 000 150 000 rub. per month (bonuses are possible)
 7.       Compensation and Benefits Manager (C&B)
C&B-managers shortage is increasing. These professionals are in an attractive situation nowadays companies are willing to attract them by offering attractive conditions, - Elena Biryukova, manager, HR-department, Antal Russia.
Employees motivation is one of the main HR-department duties. Its important for a company to have an efficient motivation system. The C&B-manager develops and implements competitive compensation and benefits systems, carries out salary surveys, controls over evaluation projects.
Income: 170 000 230 000 rub. per month
8.       Business Development Manager in Mining Sector
There are some difficulties occurring when searching for BD Managers in mining. The reason is that an ideal employee should have a profound knowledge of mining specifics and sales skills at the same time. Moreover, mining companies are now paying particular attention to a candidates previous experience.
Not every engineer and technical specialist is ready to develop business and deal with sales. Its not an easy task to find a business development manager in the mining sector because this market is very narrow, - Alina Mingazova, consultant, b2b-department, Antal Russia.
Income: 150 000 200 000 rub. per month, bonus scheme
9.       SAP (PP) Consultant
Owing to new projects starting and old projects resuming, SAP consultants and project managers are in demand again. Its particularly difficult to find SAP consultants, who specialize in production module implementing.
The demand for specialists who have a successful implementing, customization and support experience is quite high. There are not enough candidates on the market, thats why experienced consultants can dictate their conditions, - Yulia Solyaeva, consultant, IT department, Antal Russia.
Income: 90 000 210 000 rub. per month
10.   Budget Specialist in Production
Production companies pay a lot of attention to their financial processes. Hands-on experience in production is required more and more frequently. The production sector needs budget specialists who doesnt have only paper work experience, but have spent some time on plant or mine.
There is a discernable lack of professionals, who have the necessary financial knowledge and fluent English and have been involved in the production process. Moreover they should be willing to relocate because a lot of manufacturing is situated in the regions, - Irina Kalkina, team leader, finance recruitment in heavy industry, Antal Russia.
Income: 90 000 220 000 rub. per month
Antal Russia is one of the largest recruitment companies in Russia and CIS, focused on quality mid-senior level managerial recruitment across most industry sectors.
The British Recruitment Company Antal International entered the Russian market in 1994. At this time Antal was one of the very first international recruitment firms operating in Russia and the CIS. The Moscow representation was one of Antals first international offices and one of the largest and most successful all over the world.
In March 2008 Antal Russia was acquired by the FiveTen Group operating across 19 cities, 12 countries and four continents. Although most positions need to be filled in Moscow Antal Russia successfully work on projects in the regions and in other CIS countries, particularly Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 
Antal Russia opened its Kazakhstan office in Almaty in July 2010 (


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