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CIOs are back in demand says Antal Russia

CIOs are back in demand says Antal Russia
The marked growth in the number of IT-related vacancies began in February 2010. By August, this had increased considerably and now the number of current vacancies exceeds pre-crisis levels. The list of in demand specialists has altered somewhat and employees who were not in great demand during the recent global downturn are being hired again.
Such a leap on the labour market is connected with fact that the forthcoming autumn business season seeing a boom in activity, companies have started to invest money in IT and have actively hired staff.
Employers are however taking a more realistic view of the market.  Formerly they were looking to hire universal soldiers, who were seen as a jack of all trades (although often a master of none) and could take on varying responsibilities. Nowadays companies prefer to hire highly tailored professionals with extensive knowledge in their particular sector or discipline.
Companies are willing to offer salaries which are equal, or almost equal to what was on offer back in 2008. Candidates do sense these changes and salary expectations are once again becoming inflated.
Internal IT Departments
Companies who survived the recent recession and are growing again are finally reverting to spending money on IT, which mainly consists of improving their existing IT-systems, implementing new ones, looking at start-up projects and recruiting new staff. The greatest activity is observed from retail and investment companies, but also within the banking sector.
There are some significant changes in the list of the in-demand specialists .
A lot of M&A deals have taken place within last two years. Recently merged or acquired companies have to consider consolidating their IT-infrastructures, which is why the demand for a strong CIO, who can create a proper IT-strategy and control the integration process, is rising. International companies entrance to the Russian market is another important reason for this growth, comments Yulia Solyaeva, a consultant in the IT recruitment department with Antal Russia.
Thanks to new projects starting and frozen projects coming on line again, SAP consultants and project managers are now back in demand. Salaries offered to such specialists have recovered, e.g. an experienced SAP consultant can earn 180 000 200 000 rubles per month. The need for Java-developers and business analysts is also high.
IT companies
The revival of IT vendors and systems integrators recruitment activity coincided with companies decisions to spend on IT in 2010. Despite some companies still not having paid out last year bonuses, the overall situation is quite stable in Russia. Significantly, 2010 has seen a noticeable number of new players arrive on the Russian market, and naturally they need skilled general and commercial managers who can hit the ground running with the capability to successfully set up the business. Consequently strong & experienced salespeople are in great demand. 
IT companies are still looking for salespeople with a specific area of specialization and for pre-sales engineers who have extensive knowledge of a specific product. SAP consultants are needed in IT companies as well, mentions Irina Kuzmenko, an IT consultant with Antal Russia.
Antal Russia forecast that after this period of rapid acceleration the market will become more stable and structured, while still allowing for moderate growth.
According to Antal Russias recent survey, held among 200 IT-professionals, the main reasons for changing job are searching for more interesting work, new career opportunities and a higher salary level.


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