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JobMate launches Reseller program

JobMate launches Reseller program for its multi posting technology
JobMate the award winning low cost multi job posting technology provider have announced the launch of their official reseller program.
This new facility means that recruitment software providers, recruitment industry suppliers and even individuals that work within the recruitment sector can earn commissions by simply introducing clients to JobMates low cost multi posting technology.
JobMate have two reseller schemes available:-
Corporate Program - For partners with a high demand for the product, JobMate will bespoke build an individual white label facility to the partners requirements hence providing continuity with the partners own technology and brand. 
Recruiter Program- For individuals that simply refer customers to JobMate, a generous commission is paid on any resulting business completed.
According to Jobmate the scheme is already proving popular. Richard Clarke, JobMates Director commented On the corporate side we already work with a number of recruitment software providers on a partnership basis, so it was only a small step to roll out the facility nationwide as an official program thats available to all. The key aspects that appeal to our corporate partners are that any clients using the facility enjoy a high level of ongoing support from us. The price point for JobMate remains incredibly realistic at just 365 a year for a recruiter with up to 10 consultants using the service. Moreover, the partner is reassured to know that we have absolutely no desire to enter into their own business territory at a later time taking the client with us. Lets face it, no software provider wants to introduce business to a company to later find that company is looking to offer a similar service and steal the account away.
Meanwhile on the Recruiter side, the recruiter program means that individuals can earn extra revenue just for introducing a client to JobMate. In the current economic climate, this can prove to be a useful additional revenue stream for those recruiters with connections. 
Ranked as the number two multi posting provider in the UK, JobMate work that bit harder to ensure they deliver possibly the best multi posting technology coupled with superb, friendly UK based ongoing support. The reseller program will help move JobMate that bit closer to becoming the UKs number one provider.
JobMate are clearly focused on delivering a cost effective multi posting tool. They have no plans to expand into other advanced ATS or recruiter software areas and have a clear focus on the UK market audience. Many recruitment software providers have found this particularly refreshing especially where they have previously been supporting a competitor but have concerns they may expand directly into their own space in the near future.


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