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Looking to outsource your back office? Proceed with caution

Looking to outsource your back office? Proceed with caution says Atlantics Jane Blacklock
The outsourcing of business critical processes such as Pay and Bill Back office to a Bureau Service can prove to be a great commercial decision. The ability to gain greater financial control, facilitate additional time for their consultants to increase business and loose all those back office headaches is something most Agency Managers/Owners are very keen to do. But choose your partner with caution says Jane Blacklock (Atlantic Bureau Services), something reinforced by Voyagers Paul Thompson (Voyager is Atlantics chosen technology partner). Jane offers an insight into this rapidly expanding, but increasingly heavily legislated market space, with a few words of caution!
We all know that any potential partner for your outsourced back-office must be able to demonstrate an understanding of your business needs, so be wary of an immediate offer to provide a bells and whistles service, says Jane, The risks associated with outsourcing are both financial and legal the worst combination for a busy Manager.
Simply put, at worst choosing the wrong partner in this business critical arena could see you appearing in court for unpaid tax and / or PAYE liabilities, leaving you and your company to pick up the pieces.
However choosing the right partner, who you have a close relationship with, who you can trust this vital part of your business to, who can demonstrate their compliance and who can provide knowledgeable experts to support you and your business make outsourcing an excellent decision. Voyager Sales Director Paul Thompson adds Its great to be working with Atlantic Bureau Services, there are few providers that see great technology as key to offering an outstanding solution to their customers. Technology has fast become a differentiator in this sector Voyagers technology delivers total clarity to the agency, their clients and their candidates, in the delivery of online timesheets, timesheet authorisation, client, candidate and agency portals all branded to the individual agency.
Jane adds, The HMRC are becoming much stricter and monitoring more closely temporary and contractor payroll, falling foul of them by using a non compliant 3rd party is something best avoided


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