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Partnerships: key to global executive recruitment success

Partnerships: key to global executive recruitment success
Seamlessly linking cultures, ethics and companies, across the world

IRC Global Executive Search Partners (IRC), a market leader in the global executive search industry, welcomes Hungary-based Swinburn & Partners as a new member firm. Sylvia MacArthur, president of the Executive Board of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, comments:

Swinburn & Partners not only provides IRC coverage in Hungary the firms services extend to other Western and the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countries, so IRC Global Executive Search Partnerss multinational clients can benefit from cross-border services in areas considered to offer critical growth opportunities.

Swinburn & Partners ability to translate between the Western and the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) business cultures (including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania), together with more than 19 years regional experience, will be further enhanced through membership in the IRC Global Executive Search Partners (IRC) network, according to managing partner Roger Swinburn.

Membership of the IRC Global Executive Search Partners network enhances our ability to offer clients a single point of contact, combined with superlative ethical standards for executive recruitment searches throughout the world.
Roger Swinburn, Managing Partner, Swinburn & Partners

The Budapest-based executive search firm provides middle and senior management executive search services to the regional subsidiaries of leading multinational corporations. Mr. Swinburn believes the new partnership between his company and IRC Global Executive Search Partners will increase the companys effectiveness and ability to successfully complete challenging cross-border assignments.

It feels great to be part of a big very big global network to have access to colleagues all over the world we can talk to and collaborate with.
Roger Swinburn, Manging Partner, Swinburn & Partners

In the last two years, more than half Swinburn & Partners placements have been at the general, country, and/or regional manager level. In executing these searches we have worked with clients from abroad who have benefited from an in-depth understanding of the particular skills required to effectively manage businesses in CEE, says Mr. Swinburn. This knowledge is further expanded through our new partnership with IRC.


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