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Perfect Placement puts 21st century recruitment in the hands of its Applicants

Perfect Placement puts 21st century recruitment in the hands of its Applicants.
Change is inevitable (except from a vending machine), and Perfect Placement have for the last four years been market leaders in enabling and embracing changes to their market, their business and the way that they market themselves.
In a world of Multi-media interfacing, social networking and on-the-move web browsing the nitty-gritty of daily life is often forgotten about. Nitty-gritty, like getting a new job!
For over a decade mobile phone developers have shared (albeit unknown) the same goal as recruiters, making things easier, quicker and better all round for those using their services.
Perfect Placement was amongst the first in the recruitment sector to use Social networking, as a medium, (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to list a few) facilitating their business activities. The use of such technology and immediate interfacing with its clients and applicants has led to a vast market share growth and a complete change in their business model.
On the 11th of July 2008, Apple launched the iPhone, and this it seems changed the face of mobile telecommunications for ever more, with many imitators, this new media conduit has enabled many companies to shop-window their goods and services through the use of Third Party Web Applications (Apps).
Perfect Placement are proud to announce the launch of their very own App. This App, which is free to install will allow job seekers within the motor trade to browse, search and apply for jobs on-line on-the-move and in doing so will move Recruitment for The Motor Trade into the 21st Century.
This new app will allow, not only the searching for a new role, but provide handy tips for interview and a preparation time-line leading up to the interview, to allow the candidate to be more than well prepared.
Perfect Placement has noticed the effect that the speed and efficiency of the mobile market place has had on their business, and has decided to act swiftly to offer their candidates a quicker way to stay abreast of the latest job market.
Perfect Placements considerable investment in providing this free App for its candidates is testament to their continued spending on business improvements and their continued journey to the zenith of recruitment.


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