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Poll reveals top 10 unemployable traits

Poll reveals top 10 unemployable traits
The UKs fastest growing HR Consultancy has commissioned research to discover what traits, other than qualifications and experience business owners believe makes a person unemployable. 68% agreed poor personal hygiene makes a person unemployable, closely followed by negative body language and poor speech and grammar.
The UKs fastest growing HR Consultancy commissioned a survey with 1,021 business owners across the UK to discover what interview techniques and personality traits would make them less likely to hire an individual.
According to the study by 68% of the business owners polled would be less likely to hire an individual if they had bad personal hygiene, whilst 56% would let the potential employees dress sense affect their decision to hire them.
Excluding qualifications and experience, conducted the survey to discover what traits employers believe make an individual unemployable.
19% of employers agreed that they would be less likely to hire an individual that arrived late for a interview and a further 12% wouldnt reschedule an interview if the individual couldnt attend the initial time and date arranged.
When asked the multi-answer question which of the below traits would make you less likely to hire an individual? below are the top ten most common answers from respondents:
1. Poor personal hygiene 68%
2. Negative body language 64%
3. Poor speech and grammar 59%
4. Dress sense 56%
5. Bad attitude 52%
6. Excessive body piercing or tattoos 49%
7. Inappropriate sense of humour 47%
8. Accent 44%
9. Unattractive 41%
10. Poor employment history 38%
Of the business owners that stating theyd be less likely to hire an individual with poor personal hygiene, 29% agreed that bad body odour would be the strongest reason for this, while 21% said bad breath.
Almost 1 in 10 of the respondents, 7%, agreed that a poor handshake would make them less likely to employ someone.
Kirsty Burgess, co-managing director of had the following to say about the findings
These results demonstrate that despite an increasing amount of legislation protecting applicants from being rejected for reasons other than their skills and experience personal traits still appear to be a distinct factor in making a recruitment decision. Although I appreciate that we are all human this really shouldnt be the case and therefore it is important that employers use robust recruitment methods. This will ensure a fair process and provide a justification to reject an applicant that will stand up if legally challenged.
With regard to people looking for employment, being invited for an interview by a potential employer is a great opportunity and we all know that first impressions count, especially when being interviewed. If you have an interview approaching, I would suggest dressing smartly, do your research into the Company and be professional and positive at all times.


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