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PreVerify LLC releases its latest patent-pending technology

PreVerify LLC ( announced the release of its latest patent-pending technology -- the PreVerify Job Board. Like other job boards, prospective employers post job listings. Unlike other job boards, the PreVerify Job Board is free. But the biggest difference is that every job seeker who applies for a job on the PreVerify Job Board, already has a pre-verified employment history. So every single candidate on the PreVerify Job Board is a better candidate -- saving companies time and money. Job seekers benefit by getting the best interviews, first. All of which positions the PreVerify Job Board to compete with established goliaths such as Monster, Career Builder and Craigslist. 
A sample resume from the PreVerify Job Board can be seen here:
Chris Cirak, co-creator of PreVerify, said the inspiration for creating the PreVerify Job Board was simple, "Many of the leading job boards continually boast about having millions of resumes, while at the same time always announcing new tools to assist employers to find the needles in the growing haystacks." Michael Levine, who conceived and co-created the PreVerify Job Board added, "There's a wealth of research that shows a large percentage of job seekers lie about their employment history. Many published studies peg the number of dishonest resumes at well over 50%. The established job boards give everyone a pass to enter and post their resumes. Then the employers -- who usually pay steep fees to post jobs and search for resumes -- have to figure out which job seekers have accurate employment histories. It's not only silly, it's largely a waste of time, money and resources." 
While tight-lipped about other planned service offerings, both Cirak and Levine did say that other typical, fee-based services conducted by background search companies -- such as education verification, driving history, criminal background checks -- will also be available at or near cost. According to Levine, the launch of is already a greater success than anyone imagined. 


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