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Recruitment to the HR sector Latest trends from Badenoch

Recruitment to the HR sector Latest trends from Badenoch
Amongst the latest trends witnessed by Badenoch & Clark during August are:
-       Change management specialists are required, especially in the not-for-profit sector
-       Resourcing and recruitment roles are up for grabs in the City, due to new regulations and compliance requirements
-       Learning & Development and Rewards professionals are increasingly sought after, as companies invest in their workforce
-       As organisations grow in confidence, there is a trend for hiring to recruitment focussed roles.
Change management specialists review the third sector.

Learning & Development departments booming with opportunities.

Rising recruitment activity brings more work for HR.

Change management specialists make the difference
A rising number of organisations in the not-for-profit sector are hiring change management specialists to review the current organisational structure. Those who have experience in organisational development in particular are highly regarded by employers.
City HR professionals in demand
New regulations and compliance requirements in the City are ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for resourcing and recruitment specialists. Recent mergers and acquisitions are also keeping senior ER interims busy.
Redeployment opens up opportunities
Senior Learning & Development and Organisational Design/Delivery professionals are in demand as more organisations invest in developing and re-deploying the people they have, as opposed to recruiting others in.
Long term outlook creates demand
There is increasing demand for Learning & Development and Rewards professionals. The impact of the recession has been that more companies are investing in developing their workforce, in order to retain their talent for the long-term.
A rise in recruitment activity brings opportunities
With organisations growing in confidence as markets improve, there is a renewed focus on recruitment activity. This is leading to a need for more recruitment focused roles, or at least for recruitment to take up a bigger chunk of the daily HR responsibilities.
Senior professionals focus on the future
Organisations are focusing on the long term. Strategic senior HR professionals, and those with a track record in adopting a pro-active approach, are in high demand as organisations focus on the future and look to long-term resource planning and talent management.


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