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What Gen Y think the future of work should be

What Gen Y think the future of work should be

Gen Y, the managers of the future. Yet the younger generation of new recruits have very different attitudes to work and careers. These tech-savvy idealists are unfamiliar with authority, dont expect to work long hours, and the traditional career hierarchy is alien to them. This is according to The Future of Work, a new report to be published by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising on Monday 6th September 2010, in association with Working Families the leading work-life balance charity.

Based on benchmarking, desk research and interactive workshops with 50 21-30 year-olds from advertising agencies, Gen Ys vision of the future is one where the individual will have more personal responsibility for meeting targets and deadlines, within a more flexible, less structured working environment:

From To
A corporate way of working A creative way of working
Big corporate Self-organisation
Global Local
Bureaucracy Network
Top down Collaborative
Ladder Lattice

More specifically:
How Gen Y view work being done
More flexible working: no set desk, own hours, less need for office space
More flexible hours: flexi-time, three-day weekends
Advertising agency/ client interdependence: blurring of client/agency relationships
Advertising agency/advertising agency interdependence: closer collaboration

How their careers will be managed
Traditional pattern of career design has been hierarchical but this linear and vertical structure of a progression through the ranks is alien to Gen Y interested in a more lateral world of work.

How the organisation is run
Gen Y advocates re-organising the workplace and doing away with top-down structure of hierarchy and old demarcations between disciplines

The role of technology
Gen Y believes increasing adoption of web 2.0 and technological advances will enable more information sharing across networks and countries breaking down big company structures.

Global movement
Being competent in managing international as well as local clients, the UK as a creative hub to the world

The Future of Work is the fourth in a series of IPA reports on workplace issues produced over three decades. Based on research, workshops and roundtables with 150 people across the communications industry including clients, agency CEOS, HR Directors, new recruits (Gen Y), and middle managers (Gen X). The report advocates that management needs to adapt to a changing world of work to ensure it continues to attract and retain the right talent, and suggests ten ways to reshape the agency business.

Says Liz Nottingham, Chair IPA People Management Group, HR Director, Starcom MediaVest Group and Country Talent and Transformation Officer, Vivaki With these findings we have the opportunity to start the journey now by offering step changes that can make a real difference to the workplace going forwards, by listening to the needs of Gen Y the idealistic tech-savvy generation who are the managers of the future. Getting the workplace right matters to all of us.


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