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21 placements in 6 months - a Super Recruiter in the making!

21 placements in 6 months - a Super Recruiter in the making!
Specialist charity recruiter, Flow Caritas, is celebrating the outstanding success of its novice Recruitment Consultant, who has made 21 permanent placements within 6 months of joining the company.
History graduate, Alex Hayes, 26, joined Flow Caritas in April 2010, having worked in the Charity Sector as a fund raiser and later dealing with internal recruitment for an internship programme.  Having never before worked in a commercial recruitment organisation, Alex started to make placements in his second month and has continued to do so virtually every week since.
Rory White, MD of Flow Caritas, said: We have had our fingers burnt many times in the past, through recruiting experienced consultants, who unfortunately brought their bad habits with them as well as their skills and experience.  This year, we decided to have a long hard think about our strategy, based on our market, our culture, our team, what really makes a good recruiter and what we need to do to help them to develop. 
White decided to rethink his search criteria, so that it did not depend on recruitment industry experience.  After all, he said, all our long serving staff did not have recruitment experience before joining us.  He devised a role description, based on 3 key areas of competency: service, sales and process.  He then put together a person specification and a competency-based recruitment process, which he and key members of the team administered, together with psychometric testing to find the right match.
As part of the plan, Senior Consultants, Paul Nott and Katy Doolan became involved in induction for new recruits.  Said Nott: We devised a structured induction schedule, which covered everything to do with the management of candidates, clients, jobs and quality. Added Doolan: Then we backed this up through on the job coaching, training from Absolutely Business and REC and ongoing support, whilst Alex really got to grips with the job.
The whole team feels that this structure has enabled them to identify the right recruit for their growing business and to enable Alex to shine. He has grown very quickly into one of the best consultants I have come across, said Nott, mainly through a combination of knowing his jobs and candidates inside out, honesty with clients and candidates that builds trust and respect. 
So does Alex fee that he has made the right move into recruitment?  Very much so, he said.  I have made 21 placements in my first few months I am bringing in new business, building a network in the sector, working with a great team of like-minded people and having a lot of fun. Whats not to like!
White is convinced that this new strategy is the differentiator that will ensure all new recruits to Flow Caritas will be a success.  In an industry that has seen good recruiters leave in the past few years, I felt there was a need to create our own candidate pool to help our business grow.  It is obvious that getting the right people, with the potential and then giving them the induction, training and development opportunities that they need will help them to thrive - and benefit our people, our clients and our business.  Alexs results speak for themselves.


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