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Agency Workers Regulation PCG calls for fairness and clarity

Agency Workers Regulation PCG calls for fairness and clarity
PCG today called for clarity and fairness for freelancers caught up in the bureaucratic quagmire of the Agency Workers Regulation (AWR) and called for the Coalition Government to tighten up the guidance surrounding the existing flawed legislation.
John Brazier, Managing Director of PCG, the voice of freelancing, said there was a desperate need for clearly defined rules to avoid the uncertainty experienced by some of the countrys 1.4m freelance workers. Mr Brazier called on the Minister for Employment Relations, Ed Davey, to make the guidance surrounding the AWR crystal clear for all.
The Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills released a statement on behalf of the Minister (19th Oct) confirming that it was unable to amend the legislation laid down by the previous government, but would seek to improve the guidance.
Reacting to this announcement John Brazier said:
The AWR already exempt contractors working through their own limited companies and the genuinely self-employed.  In our view this needs to be made as unambiguous as possible in the accompanying guidance.
No room must be left for misinterpretation otherwise PCG members could find themselves mistakenly bound by protections they do not need or want. If this were to happen it could seriously impact their capacity to provide the flexibility that clients depend on.
It is disappointing the TUC were not amenable to changing the regulations to make them fairer for businesses and to enable the growth that is so desperately needed today in the UK. We now have to focus on developing the best possible guidance
So far the Agency Workers Regulations exempt limited company contractors and the genuinely self-employed but many believe this is not clearly defined.
Mr Brazier added:  We want simplicity and clarity. We will continue to work closely with Government, civil servants, and all involved to ensure the guidance has clarity and protects freelancers.


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