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- Rapid, efficient and high-quality client service now assured for executive search consultancies of all sizes with launch of Bond International Softwares Bond Vantage -
Bond International Software has announced the launch of Bond Vantage, executive search software for global firms and boutique talent sourcing teams.
Bond Vantage is designed to support companies who focus on senior executive search, interim management and non-executive appointments. Based upon the technology behind Bond Adapt, the market-leading recruitment software application, Bond Vantage is being launched globally to executive search companies of all sizes. One of the many advantages of the cutting-edge technology is that vital candidate or corporate intelligence can be accessed in a timely manner, maximising the visibility of the executive search consultancys information. Critical candidate or corporate information, of any description, is stored with the readily-searchable database so that any consultant, located anywhere, can access and use the records to complete assignments.
Tim Richards, Managing Director of Bond International Software (UK), comments, The executive search industry is intrinsically dependent upon personal relationships. Detailed, current market intelligence and rapid, high-quality results are essential. Therefore, the greatest asset of any executive search consultancy is its information and success is reliant on timely and reliable access to it. But the business has to be supported by the correct infrastructure and tools.
Richards continues, Through Bond Vantage, all candidate and client information, ranging from casual notes to formal correspondence, can be captured and stored securely in a readily searchable format. Our new software provides an ability to manage the vast wealth of information that executive search consultancies gather from multiple sources and also structure it so that connections and relationships within the records can be easily identified. Therefore, through using Bond Vantage, the value and competitiveness of the executive search consultancy has the potential to instantly grow as the improved accessibility of its records allows projects to be completed far more efficiently.
Bond Vantage can be limitlessly configured to match and support any workflow or process and can adapt to any nuance of an individual business, and through its single database infrastructure, is inherently scalable and suitable for any size of any organisation.
Bond Vantage has a specifically designed set of features that are aimed at all levels and areas within an executive search consultancy, from administration to research and consultancy. The software delivers sophisticated CRM functionality, combined with a suite of executive search utilities, designed to enable the executive search consultant to optimise processes and manage relationships. Features include detailed search & CV parsing capabilities, assignment management & reporting functions and full online and remote access, making the software the most conclusive and complete executive search product available.
Richards continues, Crucially, we have developed this software so that it does not impinge on a consultancys way of working it is solely designed to facilitate working practices, not reinvent them. Because of its innate flexibility, Bond Vantage can be tailored to meet any particular requirements or processes an executive search consultancy may have, but the functions and abilities of the software also map exactly with the realities of the industry, in such a way that it will produce tangible and quantifiable business benefits immediately from implementation.


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