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Cash Simply and its Customers go green with a vengeance

Cash Simply and its Customers go green with a vengeance
No its not jealousy nor a change of logo. Cash simply has succeeded in completing its green paperless and low carbon strategy for all standard Customer transactions.
David Thornhill MD says Outside of our more traditional business imperatives, it has been my personal goal to move us and our employment agency customers to  green and paperless transactions. Part of that was hindered by hard copy requirements by HMRC but they have relented on that and we have been able to move forward in several stages.
One of the first stages was to site servers for back up with Coreix in Stratford, East London, in Europes first Carbon Neutral data centre. Then we needed to work on input and output, although development has been going on in parallel.
Some time ago, we developed Temps Simply, the web based data input portal for Cash Simply Customers. Amongst other things, Temps Simply allows all Temp data (NI Numbers, Addresses, Tax Codes etc) to be set up on line. It also allows all Client details (Company reg, registered office, invoice address, particular invoice requirements etc) to be set up on line too. It holds all those records safely backed up in both Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire and in Stratford, London. Once done, entry of the 5 Golden Numbers (the Client number, the Temp number, the number of hours/days worked and the pay and charge rates) each week ensures pay and charge submission can be done without paper, safely, from anywhere in the world. (Much appreciated by the many one or two person companies we deal with.) Time sheets, copies of which are needed for future reference, are uploaded and stored on Report Simply for access 24/7, 365 days per annum, from anywhere in the world and customers are e mailed as soon as uploaded time sheets are received so that they can rest comfortable in the knowledge that the IT has done its job.
It used to be the case that invoice copies, management reports, pay slips and VAT reports were all sent by post. Now Report Simply not only provides the best outsourced on line management reporting in the industry ( including the Reports on The Move service for those customers wanting Sales, Margin and Cashflow alerts to their mobile phones) 24/7 , 365 days per year and accessible from anywhere in the world  but it also stores for download, time sheets mentioned above as well as all invoice copies and payslips, so that none ever need to be posted nor paper copies kept. (Payslips can also be emailed directly to Temps who have internet access). VAT reports are sent 1/4ly off line by e mail.
Not surprisingly we have some Luddites amongst our customer base and we have been accommodating their non green paper, labour and postal cost intensive wishes and shall continue to do so until the end of this year to give them time to come to terms with the new technology.  However, my main goal has now been achieved. We have saved a few trees and I hope we are making the competition green both with jealousy and with attempted emulation.


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