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Blusource Legal, the legal division of recruitment and HR specialist, The Blusource Group, has just revealed it was the third party in the merger between Nottingham law firm Berryman and West Midlands-based Shakespeare Putsman.
The merger, which was announced last week, will create a 30m firm with 440 lawyers and staff across the East and West Midlands. Blusource CEO Andrew Springhall said because of the companys region-wide connections, they were aware that Berrymans strategy for some time had been to look for expansion opportunities and also knew that Shakespeare Putsman was keen to move into the East Midlands following their recent merger with Stratford-based Needham & James, making the firm one of the largest in the West Midlands.
Springhall commented: Recession aside mergers, takeovers and general restructuring is a growing trend for law firms as changes outlined in the Legal Services Act (2007) will come fully into force in 2012.  With some experts calling the Act the big bang for the legal profession the market is facing serious upheaval and intense competition, with many traditional business models in the sector being forced to change or dramatically lose out.
Philip White, who heads up Blusource Legal reports that the Berryman/Shakespeare Putsman scenario is just one of many of the emerging deals in the region.
Were acting as facilitator for a number of firms of varying sizes all waking up to the fact that the legal landscape will look very different post 2012. Merger is just one option with team strengthening and consolidation emerging as priorities for forward-thinking firms. Many are adding strategic headhunting from partner level down to their brief, in what is an increasingly competitive and complex marketplace.
Echoing this, Paul Wilson, CEO at Shakespeare Putsman confirmed the firm had decided to undertake a second merger because of the economic climate and ahead of the ramifications of the Legal Services Act.
Berrymans chairman Richard Brackenbury confirmed that the firm will remain committed to Nottingham with a Midlands-wide network of regional offices and the combined teams reflecting an ambitious, growing operation moving towards to establishing the practice as a leading Midlands law firm.


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