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Executives Place launches new online executive network

Executives Place launches new online executive network which allows clients and senior executives to rate search consultants
Did you ever feel that you need online social networks to advance your career yet felt uncomfortable about sharing too much information with too many people? If so, Executives Place is the new professional network for you.
Executives Place is today launching a free-to-join, online community for high-earning individuals where members are anonymous and in full control of their own privacy.
Privacy as the heart of social networkingMember data is limited to the minimum information required by search firms for identifying potential candidates. As such, members are able to create a profile that is searchable by their individual credentials without disclosing their identity. This protects their privacy and prevents them receiving unsolicited friend requests and junk mail. Members can network with each other by sharing their profile names with associates offline and then becoming friends within the system, or by personal introduction from a mutual online contact. This more closely mimics the real world process of networking and prevents personal networks becoming meaningless collections of unacquainted members, as happens on many social networking sites.
Executive search consultant directory, rating and commentsAs part of the value for members, Executives Place provides the first online directory of individual executive search consultants. This allows clients and candidates to find the individual consultant with the right experience for specific sectors. Potential clients can make better decisions about which consultants to use by reading the comments and ratings given by former clients and candidates, thereby bringing an element of third party review to the choice of search firm or consultant.
Career networking made easyMembers of Executives Place can increase their accessibility to top level jobs whilst retaining anonymity. A confidential profile, completed by all members on joining, allows search firms to target individuals with relevant backgrounds in terms of sector, function and scope of responsibility. Executives Place eliminates the difficulty often faced by candidates of staying in touch with all relevant search firms and executive search consultants. By filling in the membership profile page, candidates allow their profile to be included in searches made by all affiliate search firms. Firms use search criteria to narrow down members allowing them to target opportunities only at those with relevant profiles.
Candidates names and contact details are never passed on so the member has the choice whether or not to reply to the search firm. By keeping their profile up to date, members ensure they are searchable by all search firms working with Executives Place.
Joseph Blass, Director, Executives Place, said: While Executives Place is focused on the executive, we believe that we are providing an important service to the search consultants themselves. The rating system allows good search consultants to be noticed by all our members candidates, clients and other search consultants. Our ratings are individual, so when search consultants move between firms they can take their rating with them and help lift the overall rating of their new firm.


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