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Jobseekers to get Augmented Reality CVs

Jobseekers to get Augmented Reality CVs introduces the latest development in IT recruitment -

Specialist IT recruitment website has teamed up with David Wood, the co-founder of Symbian to create the first augmented reality CV. In response to research revealing that 80% of IT jobseekers would consider using an alternative to the traditional written CV if it helped them stand out, CWJobs has brought David Woods CV to life CV using audio and visual technology as an example of an alternative which could be the future.

In an increasingly competitive jobseeker market, candidates are thinking of innovative and creative ways to get their CVs to the top of the pile from Alex Kearns plinth appeal at Trafalgar Square, to Alec Brownstein who landed his dream job using Google AdWords. Off the back of this trend CWJobs has created an
augmented reality CV, which displays each of the elements of David Woods CV using virtual computer-generated imagery.

Click on the video below to see television presenter and technology expert Jason Bradbury take you through the creation of David Woods AR CV, and watch his career unfold, from his time studying at Cambridge University and rise from software engineer to being voted one of the top 100 most influential technologists by T3 magazine.

CWJobs is now giving two IT jobseekers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and have their CVs converted into AR.

David Wood says: Ive watched and been involved in the evolution of technology over the last 20 years and am amazed to see how technologies like augmented reality are being used to enhance our perceptions of the physical environment, and then applied in areas like the recruitment sector. I worked closely with CWJobs to pull out each of the elements I wanted to showcase in my AR CV.

This competition offers IT jobseekers the opportunity to create a CV that is not only visually engaging and attention grabbing, it also gives them a chance to be involved in the creation from a technical perspective which is an invaluable learning experience.

Jason Bradbury comments: Augmented reality is one of the most exciting developments in the technology world in recent years. Were now seeing augmented reality being used in advertising, gaming, industrial applications and even in the military and emergency services. The CV is a perfect example of how the technology can bring to life and enhance content in an engaging, informative way.

Replicating what has been created for David Woods, a team of designers, animators, video editors and developers will bring each of the key skills on the competition winners CVs to life. The competition winners will then have bespoke CVs, which, when held up to a webcam, will reveal more about their skills and experience than they could ever convey on paper. They will also receive 500 worth of Amazon vouchers and their

AR CV will be distributed to over 2,500 IT recruiters who use CWJobs to advertise their jobs.

Richard Nott, Website Director at CWJobs comments: Were seeing a trend among jobseekers who are increasingly attempting new ways to get their CVs noticed. Research conducted by CWJobs found that 70% of jobseekers find it difficult to fit all their skills and experience on to a CV, and find it a challenge to present themselves in the best light through this medium. Our recruiters have also stressed the importance of jobseekers providing rich content to make their CVs stand out. AR is just one of many developments in CV creation we expect to see in the recruitment sector over the coming years.

To enter the AR CV competition and for top tips on how to get your CV noticed without forgetting the basic dos and donts of jobseeking, please visit


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