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Nationwide career clinics for beleaguered public sector workers

Nationwide career clinics for beleaguered public sector workers
Badenoch & Clark and Adecco, sister companies in the UKs largest recruiter, Adecco Group UK & Ireland, have joined forces to help public sector workers across the UK cope with the anticipated jobs cull following todays Spending Review announcement.
The public sector has invested a significant amount of time and effort in cultivating a reputation as an attractive place to work. Todays news delivers a severe blow to the reputation of the public sector as an employer of choice warn Badenoch & Clark and Adecco.
The recruitment providers are advising public sector workers facing redundancy that they will need to be flexible in their search for work and should not disregard finding temporary work in the first instance as they seek to manage the transition.
Adecco and Badenoch & Clark are offering free career clinics, focusing on helping public sector employees prepare for the jobs market with practical guidance such as CV writing advice on interview technique and advice on understanding what private sector employers look for and how their recruitment processes differ to the public sphere. 
The harsh reality of todays announcement has been building for many months and will now be felt even more acutely for years to come.  Research this week by Badenoch & Clark revealed one in five public sector workers were expecting significant job losses (18%).  A further quarter (23%) stated they were concerned that job losses would leave their department hugely under resourced.
And there is reason to be worried, with an anticipated half a million public sector jobs likely to be cut by 2014/15 and an estimated knock-on effect to private sector gross output of around 46bn p.a in 2014/2015. This will have a significant impact on the regions already struggling.  In one region alone, up to 80,000 public sector job cuts are anticipated.
The Badenoch & Clark and Adecco workshops will take place from December 2010 through to March 2011 in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham.  For more information, and to register for the events please visit:
Nicola Linkleter, Managing Director of Public Sector at Badenoch & Clark, said Our research shows that there is a considerable degree of anticipation and anxiety among public sector workers.  Todays announcements will confirm the worst fears of many in the sector and will cause many workers to consider their futures very seriously.  As such, we are expecting a significant influx of candidates anxious to plan their future careers. 
For many, the prospect of making the move from a familiar public sector environment to the private sector will be daunting. Thats why Badenoch & Clark and Adecco are joining forces to offer the most comprehensive and wide-ranging service to public sector employees. Our workshops will focus on helping public sector staff prepare to enter the jobs market by offering advice on CV writing and interview techniques, as well as understanding the skills and qualities private sector employers look for during the recruitment process. We also hope to involve third parties in the workshops, ranging from life coaches to personal branding specialists. Getting the right advice at this crucial time could be the difference between someone finding a new job or becoming another long-term statistic on the monthly unemployment figures.
My advice to public sector employers is to learn from your private sector colleagues, and fast.  Getting communication right is key, as is considering those left behind any cost-cutting exercise and those impacted directly.  Do not underestimate the feelings of loss and guilt suffered by those who hold onto their jobs while seeing colleagues and friends leave.  Equally, public sector employers need to consider the long term impact of the cuts on their employer brands. Having spent many years trying to position the public sector as an attractive place to work, todays news will have a dramatic impact upon the reputation of the sector as an employer and its ability to attract and retain private sector talent. 
Steven Kirkpatrick, Managing Director at Adecco, said: With the public sector accounting for more than one in five jobs in the UK, workers at all levels will feel the impact of these spending cuts. Many individuals will find themselves having to look for alternative employment, and may find the recruitment process and competitive nature of the job market a shock.
Last month, the Labour Market Statistics revealed that the number of temporary workers has exceeded 1.5 million, and we expect this to increase following the spending cuts. At a time when we need to do everything possible to create jobs and kick-start an economic recovery, it is paramount that significant time and effort is invested into helping the public sector workforce get job ready and understand the benefits of temporary work in the private sector. 
With 300 locations across the UK, the Adecco Group combines local experience and expertise with a deep understanding of the national economy. Through its brands, the Adecco Group offers strategic recruitment consultancy, employee engagement and candidate selection across every industry sector. 


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