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NHS recruitment post White Paper, pre CSR, more questions than answers?

NHS recruitment post White Paper, pre CSR, more questions than answers?
The White Paper on 12th July 2010, posed more questions for the NHS than it answered. (Penny Emerson, senior healthcare interim)
PCTs arent clear what is happening with World Class Commissioning or Commissioning, especially as to how the GP Consortia are going to take over. Speaking to our NHS clients, it is clear that they are all at different stages with this process some buried in inertia, others way ahead of the curve. (Christopher OConnell Managing Director of Timothy James Consulting)
Christopher adds, Managers know that they have to make efficiencies and savings but do not know how to go about it. Normally they would bring in talent and experience in the form of an interim, but cannot because of the perception that they are expensive. In actual fact, interims who specialise in cost cutting and savings will pay for themselves over and over again in the real cash savings they make. (Christopher OConnell Managing Director Timothy James Consulting)
This is a great opportunity for the public sector to become fit for purpose. It is a brave new world! If we can get this right, the patient will become the centre of the NHS. (Penny Emerson, senior healthcare interim). If the CSR in October provides clarity on the mechanics of how to move forward, then the NHS can begin to see what they need to do. This will bring opportunities for interims who can evidence value for money and a track record of success.
Recruiters can add value to the public sector organisations which are under more scrutiny by finding individuals who have proven experience in making real cash savings, negotiating the best rates and by being part of the Buying Solutions procurement framework. However, this will not have much impact unless we start to show clients the benefits of interims instead of just the features.
We need to re-educate the NHS and other public sector organisations on what an interim actually is. They are not a consultancy who comes in to map or scope, they are there to hit the ground running and deliver. Interims bring with them a wealth of experience, information and resiliency. They can come in and enable change, take ownership of the actions which will be unpopular and leave the organisation stronger, positive and fit for purpose. (Christopher OConnell Managing Director - Timothy James Consulting)
The private sector permanent market is booming. This means that the interims within it have delivered their assignments and are now handing over the reins to those in house. These interims have fantastic recent experience of change management and cost savings: just the people the public sector now need but will not take as they do not have public sector experience.
Interims should be tailoring their offer to agencies and clients. Think about what your experience will enable you to do: deliver in shorter timescales, effect change, take ownership of difficult or unpopular decisions... then find a way to communicate that to a client. Show them the benefit of having you on board. (Christopher OConnell Managing Director Timothy James Consulting.


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