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Productivity in IT Strongly Linked to Good Management

Productivity in IT Strongly Linked to Good Management
-IT Job Board survey on productivity and procrastination demonstrates the need for sound management-
The latest survey (1) from the IT Job Board, has examined what makes individuals more productive, and shown a clear link between good management and productivity in IT workers.
Responses indicated that the biggest negative factor on productivity is lack of clarity in instructions for the task in hand (65.8%), whilst the biggest single motivator for productivity is satisfaction of finishing a project and knowing Ive done a good job (85.6%).
Earning respect from colleagues and money are also significant motivators, which point to the need for managers to create a culture of praise and reward for good work.
Nearly two thirds of respondents said they could remain productive for over an hour and a half without a break. However, health and safety recommendations mean that workers should take a 10-minute break away from the screen, for every hour spent in front of it - for the sake of their eyes and to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).
Given that 84% of respondents acknowledge that taking a break regularly does make them more productive, it would seem good practise for management to encourage this, said Alex Farrell, managing director of The IT Job Board.  However, responses also made clear the value of choice over break time.
Other areas that enhance IT workers productivity include:
- 60% said being able to see progress by ticking off tasks helped them become more productive
- 60.4% said that working on their own increased their productivity
- 58.6% noted that they were more effective in the morning
Switching between tasks and allocating time slots to certain assignments were also noted as having a positive effect.
Interruptions from colleagues (48.6%) and noisy offices (51.4%) have a negative effect on productivity this is again something that managers can influence. And whilst some IT workers admit to having been distracted by games on their phone, online banking and online shopping, news websites are, surprisingly, a far bigger lure for procrastinators.
In the comments made, it was clear that many people are extending their productivity by prolonging their day, either by working overtime, working from home, or starting early, something managers should be aware of to avoid burn out.
As an individual you need to have a tight grip on the priorities of the business, added Farrell. Communication with direct management is key. IT professionals should set a work schedule in advance, agreed with their direct manager. Setting expectations up front will ensure that the goalposts don't move and that you can remain focussed and effective.
[1] Productivity and Procrastination, September 2010 111 respondents.


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