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Tony Goodwin becomes one of the fastest selling non-fiction authors in the UK

Recruiter turned author, Tony Goodwin, has become one of the fastest selling non-fiction authors in the UK with his first book, How They Blew It.
My publishers tell me that a successful business book would be expected to sell around 10,000 copies over two years, says Goodwin. How They Blew It has sold 16,000 copies in just three months.
The book, co-written with business journalist, Jamie Oliver, looks at how a range of high profile business people were brought down by arrogance, self-deception and good, old-fashioned stupidity. Any entrepreneur knows that success doesnt come in a straight line, its more like a roller coaster ride in practice. I wanted to show what can happen if that ride goes out of control.
Although now back at his day job as chairman and CEO of global recruitment firm, Antal International, Goodwin is already planning How They Blew It 2. With the events of the past few years Ive got enough material for a whole library, let alone just one book.


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