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Venn Groups apprenticeship success

Venn Groups apprenticeship success

Venn Group is proud to have been awarded Employer of the Year by Kaplan, the training provider for its AAT apprenticeship scheme, and recommends it to all employers who have the capacity to take on an apprentice. It is a great way for the business community to give back and offers a huge amount of satisfaction to all parties involved.

This award recognises Venn Groups commitment to apprenticeships and the investment it has put into its trainees, Jamie and Daniel.

The company chose to embark on the apprenticeship scheme this year as it felt that now more than ever people need to be given opportunities to further themselves and begin to map out a career. Firstly, going to put them in touch with Kaplan as the AAT training arm of its scheme. The CVs they received were all of an excellent calibre and made a decision difficult, but by settling on Jamie and Daniel it embarked on what would be a rewarding journey.

Venn Group is a company that believes in supporting and developing its staff, shown by the fact that all its senior management started as consultants or juniors. They want everyone in the company to reach their potential, so running an apprentice scheme fitted perfectly with its values. Infrastructure was already set up to provide the support needed for Jamie and Daniel, as its internal training team are constantly managing and growing talent in the organisation. They assigned a team to mentor and help the apprentices, consisting of Mahmodur Choudhury, Managed Vendor and Apprenticeship Manager, and training manager Ceri Fenn.

This meant that the trainees always knew how they were progressing and what was expected of them. When asked what was the best bit of his apprenticeship, Daniel replied: The best bit has been having great people to mentor me throughout my learning of the different accounts departments, giving me great insight into how certain departments function. The mentoring was beneficial to both sides of the equation, the apprentices in knowledge and the mentors in satisfaction and enjoyment of assisting such enthusiastic individuals.

Mahmodur Choudhury, the lead mentor, has witnessed great development in Daniel and Jamie and said: The two apprentices we have were quite nervous and shy when they joined and did not know what to expect within a working environment, but to see them where they are now a year on is great. Both of them have built up confidence and are able to communicate with all levels of hierarchy within our organisation. Seeing this happen over the year has been superb.

A year on from when it started Venn Group can look back on an enjoyable and rewarding experience, with two apprentices who have played an integral part in and contributed towards the success of the finance department.

Venn Group believes that the apprenticeship scheme should be taken up by all who can, as it is an extremely effective method of recruiting bright and ambitious individuals and its apprentices are now highly valued members of their organisation.

Their apprentices enthusiasm is boundless. When asked if they would recommend the scheme, Daniel said: the experience you get from doing an apprenticeship is invaluable and just being in an office atmosphere like Venn makes you want to get out of bed in the morning! and Jamie said: I actually enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to work and would definitely like to stay at Venn for many years as I don't see how any other company could offer me more then what Venn can, both at work and college.


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